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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Arrgh, it's December

*Contemplates rock to hide under.*

Anyone want to join me there? :)

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Maybe, the Christmas decorations just went up in my office.

How bad are they? The one office I had that decorated, the decorations were very pretty and tasteful - just holly berry lights.

::sends you a jelly donut::

Thank you. :)

oh, poor you.

as much as living where I do can be really hard sometimes, it is nice to not have to deal with the U.S. in December.

*sends soothing waves of Jewish cultural hegemony your way*


It's not so much that - I mean, I don't live in Christmas central. It's LiveJournal and television.

Are we having another War on Christmas? How do I fieldstrip this Uzi, again?

If only there was someplace to aim it.

I offer a dose of perspective: we live in New York. Compared with how it gets in 95% of the country, we have it good.

That said, I abhor jingly seasonal music and might be prone to smash radios and sound systems.

At least sound systems are meant to produce sounds. One of the previous Christmas seasons I was traumatized by a squawking, moving plastic Christmas tree that had some kind of motion sensor and was placed near the door of a green grocer. While you waited in line, whenever someone entered or left the place, the thing would react to the door and move and produce these horrible screeching sounds that supposedly were some kind of carol.

I was down in the cafe in our building, listening to tortured carols and realizing it was time for me to become a social hermit again. Ugh.

The people I feel sorry for in this case are the cafe workers.

They have to listen to that all day. Even the most ardent carol lover is going to feel tortured by the 25th.

I'm already under one, so it's not so bad. The times I do emerge to get hit with the Xmas frenzy are just enough to make me appreciate the peace and quiet of not having any big holidays left for the year.

Flatbush counts as a rock. :)

My friendslist is getting a bit overwhelming, though.

Every day from now until December 20th, I will have to walk through the student center, with its blasting jingle bells nonsense, and refrain from poking holes in the Xmas air-filled blowup Santa.

Well, any inflatable Santa is just asking for it (or snowman or giant palm tree, for that matter.)

But - yeesh.

Cause of the cold weather, right? :-)

I think we should take a page from their playbook and claim that there's a war on Chanukah this year and that we're fighting back.

Exactly, Michael. The cold weather.

I wonder if I'd be happier if the majority culture acknowledged that other people's holidays happen at other times of year?

make room. I'll bring the blankets and the hot tea.

Cool. kmelion has supplied jelly donuts. I can provide comfy chairs, hot coffee and chocolate and deviled egg salad sandwiches.

You know I loved the holiday when my mom was alive. But I hated the stores.

For most of my working life, I worked for a supermarket (15 years) Hated from Thanksgiving to December when the musicak was almost all Christmas. At the start there would still be some non-holiday stuff but it faded as it got closer to the holiday. The only time it was fun was one day a co-worker and I were up front by ourselves and this odd version of the Nutcracker Ballet came on. Sort of a music box version. She looked at me and I at her and we started dancing the Cracked Nut Ballet! Do you know how hard it is to go on point in sneakers?

The other thing was this sax playing Santa. One of the women liked it. The rest, not so much. We'd take out and hide the batteries, hide the Santa, anything.

The damned trees went up in my office lobby around November 21st, as well as the bad music through the PA.


November 21st. Wow.

I'm wondering now. If Christmas were extended back to twelve days, would there need to be SUCH a run-up?

I would, but then I'd miss my vacation.

Besides, I find it much more fun to drive the fundies crazy. I keep the gay in gay apparel, am cheerily pagan and wear cuttings from my own holly tree.

However, I am having to change my radio listening habits. I can't stand country-fried Christmas Carols. (I listen to a classic country station in between the trucker call-in show and Michaelangelo Signorile's gay news and opinion)

Edited at 2008-12-01 10:47 pm (UTC)

Back when I drove, this would be the time of year I'd switch from a music station to a news one. Then I'd only have the ads to worry about.

And everyone's welcome here. EVERYONE. :)

I'm going to take advantage of their sales to buy birthday presents for Eva and Mom and Mom-in-law. >:)

Yeah. I can see that. I just don't want to go near the stores.

Also - my Chanukah shopping? Done. Except for the oil for the lights - but I have the wicks. I bought a couple of books for Jonathan, and I made a scarf for my father-in-law.

I'll let Jonathan get something for his mother and the nieces.

I'd join you. I have tech week for my concert right now, with rehearsals every night but Friday, and a paper due the 16th. There could be a knitting circle under the rock!

Yep. Knitting permitted. (I'm doing colorwork - knitting with *both* hands. Go me!) And you can even knit for *yourself*.

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