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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
In other news

Last night, I saw an annoumemt on [Unknown LJ tag] - a new style called minimalism. I'm all about that, so I thought I'd try it out. They even had one with a color scheme not too different from the one I was already using. As I was playing with it, I noticed that the subject lines were all links. I thought, "Cool! This is useful!" Given that I chose the old scheme, in part, because it had a link button attached to each post, I thought it was a great idea. Not very attractive, but still. Useful.

And then I saw someone on my friends list complain that all her subject lines had changed and - oh. It's not the style. Huh. It's LJ-wide.

Around that point, I decided I didn't like the new theme anyway, and went back to the old one. It's comfortable and works, and I don't really need a tag-cloud.

And, probably because the link button is already there, the subject lines weren't changed like everyone else's. Which means that if I hadn't seen someone complain, I'd not have known anything at all. (This style has this function unnecessary in that one. Okay. Intersesting to know.)


That's interesting that the subject lines weren't changed in your style. I thought it was a system-wide thing, even for styles that had the link available with the comments links. I did notice that my bf's subjects didn't change in his style until this morning.

if you hadn't said something, I sure wouldn't've noticed!