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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

My teeth have been literally falling apart. I do not take care of them well, plus I've had dentist problems. I'd been going to a local guy, but it was hard to get an appointment and harder to get a second one afterwards. So I gave up.

I'd been going to Sam the Dentist for years before this, but he's in Manhattan and didn't work on my days off. Well, I'm unemployed but covered by my husband's insurance anyway. I called him today, and he answered (and remembered me. And understood what I was saying. And the appointment is tomorrow.


good luck!

What is it, LJ dentist week? ailsaek has an appointment tomorrow and I've got one Thursday. Good luck at your appointment.

Unemployed? Did I miss something? If I did, I apologize.

I lost my job (receptionist in a real estate agency) at the end of August. I've had one job interview since.

I was an early casualty of the crisis, before it hit the financial markets.

oh, no, the financial markets have been slowly declining for a year. It's only in the past month or two that there was the big crash.

Which is what I was talking about.

Of course it was, but I was being technical.

Technically - the crash was three months ago.

Oh my.

I hear your pain.

My teeth have just had one episode of misery after another.

I lost one filling, than a part of another filling and finally part of the tooth on a back molar in a matter of three days.

It is not even possible finding a dentist at 11 am on a Friday when you haven't established with anyone because of a recent move.

I ended up in UC this weekend for antibiotics and pain killers.

I get my turn in the chair tomorrow too.

May the dentists be kind.

Best of luck to you!