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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I started a more politically oriented blog today. It might be a bit less polite.

Left of Centrist. Not the best name, but I kinda like it.

Or you can use this feed: leftofcentrist.


I am somewhat paranoid tonight for reasons that don't have nything to do with anything rational, and for a moment I thought this was somehow my "fault."

And then I got over myself. :)

Adding you to my google blogs.

No, not at all. I was reacting to a whole bunch of things (and I do tend to go a little nuts this time of year), but jonbaker has been encouraging this for a long time, and I think it was overdue.

hey - are you going to have any notifications on lj when you update LoC? i really like having everything in one place to ckeck it... i'm with you on the christmas thing, but for completely different reasons. really, really tired of christians trying to take over the world. i celebrate because it was a happy time in my childhood and i like the decorating and cooking and i love to give presents... but it's in no way religious. which may or may not make it worse?

i'd really like to join a political discussion blog. i'm probably further left than you are... is that scary?

right. maybe i'll join. i don't have a google identity.

have fun with it!

If you friend the feed above leftofcentrist, you'll see it on your flist.

Also. Not scary. Like most people, I'm spotty. I'm very far to the left in somethings, and probably actually to the right in others. I think I just average left of center.

And I want people to enjoy their holidays. It's my own private insanity.

Besides, I have my rock now.

Cool. I have now friended it.

Are you friending the LJ feed so you can see responses on LJ?

Excellent idea!

I'd put it on my blog filter, but now it's also on my default list.