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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I am in tears right now, from purest anger.

I have no words. It's...I have no damn words.

That was so offensive.

I should have known better.

I'm going under my rock now.


May I hug you?


I should know better than to watch Christmas episodes.

But this was egregious. *Wilson* teaches House about Christmas spirit. (Of course, Wilson is a "good Jew" who loves Christmas and doesn't do a damn thing about any of HIS holidays) and Cuddy (also Jewish) gets a Christmas miracle (that took the death of a girl who wasn't far different from me in high school, except I wasn't self-destructive - and because babies just fall out of the sky like that - triple whammy right there) and Kuttner - Indian who was raised by Jews and took their name - gets the spirit enough to apologize. Because NO OTHER HOLIDAY in NO OTHER religion that he MIGHT have been exposed to talks about asking forgiveness.

But only fake Christianity is allowed on TV in December lest people realize it's not an imperative to buy.

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I'm traveling at the moment and haven't seen the episode; dare I ask?

It's the Christmas episode. See my rant above for the spoilers.

There were a couple of good moments, and I even liked the final bit with Foreman and Thirteen, but it was all the things I hate about fanfiction this time of year mushed together.

Seriously. How stupid was that?

Which part?

I only started watching it this season and didn't realize the back stories. Yeah, a baby coming to her like that is just shmaltz.

That was part of it.

One of these years, I'd love to see a show with Jewish characters be positive about one of their own holidays. And blasé about Christmas. Just. Blasé.

... I'm so glad Doris Egan doesn't get the "credit" for writing this ep, because then I'd have to get mad at her.

Just so many things - set decoration (Wilson doesn't have a single Jewish patient to send him a Chanukah card? Really?) Cuddy being "too busy" to have children and then to have that "miracle". And in such a horrible way - Cuddy gets her baby because a sixteen year old girl *died*.

There was so much wrong with that episode. Although I did like Foreman/Thirteen. (She said she was bisexual - it's not like his love "fixed" her.)

I have heard women talk about not having children because they had either a busy career or didn't wan to "cramp" their lifestyle. "Too busy" seems like something not too far fetched.

Yes, but Cuddy went through both the infertility and adoption roller coasters. While her staff was in major flux and she had no support system.

Wow. I'm glad I don't regularly watch "House" because I might have been oblivious to how wrong-headed this episode was.

Although I like some of the trappings of Christmas and I'm nominally Episcopalian, I'm still a childless, single woman for whom a lot of the fun Christmas isn't meant. Moreover, a significant number of romantic disappointments in my life happened around Christmas. It's a good thing my then-husband is now an ex-husband, but we got married Dec. 24, 1988. I have no idea how I'm going to cope or how to _feel_ on Christmas Eve this year.

In fact, last night I got dumped via e-mail. I bleeding hate December.

Your anger is different and, dare I say, nobler than mine. But the pabulum about this being a "good and kindly time of the year" doesn't always work for me, either. I fear I may have misunderstood your point of your anger, but it is palpable, and I am very, very sorry. Christians should not have the monopoly on grace and forgiveness, and Christmas should not become some weird rallying point for North American hegemony, if I have the word right.

Big, big, big hugs to you, especially 'cause I could use a few hugs myself right now.

Wicked, can I hug you too? I'm so sorry and I'm in a huggy mood!

Holidays vs. Holy Days

As a Christian, I am often (in fact, almost always) disappointed in how Christmas is represented on TV. It is "celebrated" as a holiday, with ornaments and cookies and presents, but little or no attention is given to the fact that it is a holy day--perhaps some mention of generic "goodwill" but no real discussion of Jesus or why his birth is important to the Christian faith.

I suppose it's something that Christmas at least shows up in the script, but it isn't really the Christian version of Christmas--instead it's entirely secular.

Re: Holidays vs. Holy Days

Honestly, if Christmas were treated as a religious holiday - well, maybe it wouldn't be the fulcrum of consumerism on which the year turns. People would spread their spending throughout the year instead.

But the question would mean that the writers would have to decide which version of Christianity each character was, and show that respectfully, and then be equally respectful to the non-Christians.

Much easier to break out the tinsel and the Very Special Episodes where everyone gets to be nice for one hour.

Remember first and threemost that HOUSE is FICTION. That said, personally I could go with House's parthenogenic birth excuse becuase I'd theorised it on my own at twelve years old*, about the time I first heard the term on an episode of "Lost In Space".

(*Ten to twelve year-olds are, in my opinion, the wisest humans on the planet. One of them should hold a Cabinet post for one year in each president's administration; after that puberty hits and they lose that innate wisdom to body-development issues.)

Then again, I still believe the whole virgin-birth thing was a case of direct alien Intervention, otherwise Josiah ben Yusef would have been a girl and western society would have been more like the old series "All That Glitters".

I think he was a product of rape, myself (much like Brian, in fact.)

However - I was thinking. Parthenogenesis might be possible and might have happened, but the majority of women of child-bearing age are sexually active. Since no birth control is 100% and parthenogenesis would require fertility, the mother would simply assume the child was a sex partner's daughter, and more than likely, so would the sex partner, and they wouldn't bother with a paternity test - especially if it happens in times/places where such tastes are not available.

The part about that subplot that bugged me was that House was being "kind" to show he could because it was "that time of year." And because Wilson egged him on. One of the things I *hate* in December fanfiction is the Jewish character showing the Christian the "true meaning of Christmas." And there it was, right on the screen.

I am so sorry a fictional work you enjoy turned around and slapped you and told you you don't exist, or at least shouldn't. I'm not mentioning that it's fictional to minimize its impact, at all; the things we invest with our imaginations are vitally important. This is a real hurt, and I'm sorry they inflicted it on you.

Don't go under your rock - there are lots of us out here who grok and agree. *hugs*

B and I are discussing possibly hanging dreidel lights on the balcony, for contrast to our neighbors. >:)