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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
It's Dead, Jim

"It" being my home computer monitor. Or the video card. There's no way of telling. The monitor is about ten years old - about five years older than the computer. This is because the 17" monitor that came with the computer was so awful that, when my mother-in-law got *her* new computers, we took her old 15" monitor, and it was amazingly better. Lesson - name brands *good*.

I have a lot of unfinished work on that computer. I have a lot of unposted work on that computer. So does my husband.

He should be buying a new one today, because the idea of spending more time without a computer than necessary scares both of us, and we were going to get a new one anyway. It's just now we have to figure out how to transfer those files over. Original plan was to buy cd-rw drive, install in old box, d/l files, transfer cd/rw to new box and u/l. Now, we'd have to do that with the new monitor, and if it's the video card, we're sunk.

My current thought is to install old harddrive in new machine, transfer files from that and then reformat it to use as a Linux drive. Does that sound feasible?

And how hard/easy is it for XP based apps to read Win98 files?

data rescue

You could move the hard drive, as you suggested. That's probably your best bet, if you've got the hardware skills to do it carefully. Or you could buy a network card for the old machine (the new one probably has one) for a lot less money than you would spend on that CD drive (assuming you had no other reason to buy the drive). I think -- but check with someone who knows! -- that if you have just two machines, you can plug 'em directly into each other without any hubs or routers or similar stuff, and transfer data from one to the other. I've never done that, though.

Re: data rescue

We want the CD-RW for other reasons - backup, mostly. The zip drive was a failure so far as we were concerned.

We are planning to network eventually, when we get a laptop. Which means I'll be able to chat and watch tv at the same time. That may not seem like an earthshaking goal, but, hey. :)

And I'll be able to write fanfic at the same time. Something I haven't been doing.