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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Crossover ideas

House is in a different universe than ours - we know this because Princeton-Plainsboro is played by the Princeton University Frist Hall.

Bones, too, is in a different universe - the higher tech imaging devices plus the Jeffersonian Museum instead of the Smithsonian.

I think a crossover between the two would be a lot of fun - and possibly plausible.

Even more fun - we know that the Law and Order universe is the same as the X-Files universe (via John Munch.)

It is all too easy to imagine a situation where a young Goren (who was a profiler for the FBI) meets a young Mulder. They can lack-of-affect at each other prettily. (Note - this is one case where I don't think slash would work. Mulder is quite slashable, but I'm not entirely sure Goren has a sexuality.)


Maybe I'm not paying close enough attention. But how do we know that Law & Order is in the same universe as The X Files?

Det. Munch shows up to interview the Gunmen in one episode which I remember as being hilarious, but that's about all I remember about it.

Episode of the X-Files - takes place in Baltimore in 1989. Homicide Detective John Munch (played by Richard Belzer) arrests the Lone Gun Men.

Therefore, X-Files and L&O are the same universe.

Ah, okay. Just making sure that I wasn't missing something super obvious about the whole series. Thanks!

Double bonus points- at a separate point Eames could have met and maybe briefly dated a young Mulder.

Thematically, it could totally work. Especially if the brief time with Mulder served as a forsadowing of working with Goran.

And I agree mostly about slashing Bobby. Any sexual relationship he finds himself in would have to be entirely due to the effort of someone else.

It's possible - did she spend any time in DC?

I'm not sure, but I don't think I've ever seen Bobby react to anyone in a sexual way, male or female. (Maybe once, and there was another explanation.)

It's what makes Eames and Goren one of the most successful m-f partnerships - no one expects the two of them to fall in love. Eames is too much of a caretaker and Goren doesn't react to her as a woman at all.

Eames and Mulder are roughly the same age. They could have met at almost any point in the 80's. The is a decade for them to interact. It would not need to be some sort of consumated romantic relationship - merely some key interaction. What I would really love is for contemporary Eames and Scully to work together on something. That would be a conversation for the ages. As for Goran and sex- I see a great tragic story in the time before he gave up on human relationships. Like something that caused him to realize that sex was way more trouble than it was worth.

Eames and Scully? Oh, that would be beautiful. So, so beautiful. They would GET each other on so many levels.

(As for Goren and sex - sex would Mulder might do it. :))

Goren did react to Eames in a way that seemed to imply a more typical male/female dynamic, as opposed to a neuter/peer dynamic, twice, in my view.

One was in that brief period when she was pregnant (what was the show's fiction for that, that she was surrogating for her sister?) there was just this moment where he helped her out of her chair, I think it was her last episode before her maternity leave, and there was just this smile, not like any other Goren smile. It was a moment, blink and you'd miss it, but it was very different to the normal response to her.

The other was when a psycho serial killer snatched her out of her house. He stood in her living room looking like his world was shredding when they realized that yes, she'd been snatched. Then when they found her, when psycho had hung her up and tortured her and all, the relief he showed seemed definitely tinged with love. Not romantic, per se, but I think his emotional connection to her is much more complex than it seems on the surface, which made her iciness toward him after his solo expedition into the corrupt prison all the harder for him to take, I think.

At least that's how I read them. I do so adore Goren. I'm going to miss that show a lot.

I remember those times (yes, she was carrying her nephew for her sister).

I did phrase it wrong - he doesn't react to Eames sexually (or romantically.) As a woman - yes, when she's pregnant. And with love - Eames is the closest relationship he's ever had. He never knew his father, his mother was schizophrenic, he's distant from his brother.

A friend of mine once requested House and the Tenth Doctor fic. :)

Actually I can totally see House as The Doctor. Um...let me rephrase that... :)

Well, according to the Tommy Westphall theory (I do subscribe to it), they ARE in the same universe.

If you trace the connections, it turns out that a large portion of American television was all in Tommy Westphall's head.

Yep. I sort of came up with that independently, but the great St. Elsewhere/Homicide axis is cool, too.

And here I was thinking what an excellent opportunity "Fringe" has to include a David Ducovny walk-on.

Also, the geography of House's universe is strange. Princeton is far enough away from Baltimore, and close enough to a major airport, that not only does it make sense to fly, but if flights are delayed it makes sense to take a hotel room and stay overnight.

Also, this Princeton is in a state where the age of consent is 18, not 16. This was a major plot point in one episode, which would have completely not worked in the real New Jersey.

This is why I don't worry about the bad medicine.

(That episode made NO sense. At all.)