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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Dental Update

I had a filling replaced yesterday. The anesthetic wore off just in time for dinner. While he did this, another chunk of the adjacent tooth broke off.

I have plaster-of-paris teeth.

Anyway, starting in January, I get two teeth capped. And. That's it. No root canals or oral surgery. Okay, he's worrried about that one wisdom tooth that's lying on its side (the other two that actually formed were removed decades ago) but this will conclude the immediate needs.

And my gums keep looking better and better.


Having gone through an entire year of dental adventures (and acquiring seven, count 'em, seven new crowns as a result), I sympathize.

Isn't it annoying that teeth don't come with a lifetime warranty?

I think they did, once upon a time.

We just need the original warranty updated.

I suspect the root problem is that we now have a longer definition of "lifetime" than our teeth do. (-:

*bows to your royalty*

Healing thoughts nonetheless!

thank goodness you don't need surgery! The thought of dental surgery gives me panic attacks.

Ouch. And yeah, I hear you about soft teeth. I'm pretty sure mine are made of chalk.