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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Chanukah Dinner

The big family party ("family" being jonbaker's mother's side) has been postponed until January, because there are only two houses big enough to host it, and one household is in Israel meeting new baby granddaughters and the other is in the middle of grant proposals.

So we had an immediate family gathering at my in-laws, mostly, of course, for our two nieces. Dinner was bagels, lox, and scrambled eggs with onions. Given my dental condition, YAY. It was good.

Jonathan bought the baby, Wynn (who is six months and thinks my knuckles are delicious), a Busy Box, for which he had to go on eBay. See, the current Busy Boxes are electronic and we didn't want that. Her parents, who are big into recycling and such, were thrilled. We got Zoe, who is six years old, a Klutz book on clay modeling with extra clay. She loved this ("awesome!") but the elaborate Strega Nona popup book (a belated big sister present) upstaged it. And the Razor scooter upstaged *everything*, especially since Grandma's house is laid out in a circle ("boy's" bedroom to dining foyer to living room to master bedroom to bathroom to boy's bedroom) and is mostly hardwood floors.

We gave Mom a book on Riverside Park and Dad a scarf I'd knitted. Out of handspun alpaca I'd purchased at an Interfilk Auction. (ailsaek and I got into a bidding war.) He was amazed I'd knitted it and put it on and didn't take it off for a long time, and he loved how soft it was. And he slept a lot. He's been sleeping a lot - he doesn't even read anymore.

We gave books to Jon's brother and sister-in-law. Oh, and Grandma got clothes for the girls and other toys for Wynn. Grandma loves being grandma. (It's also a reminder, of course, that we couldn't do that for her. Not on purpose, and not in her head, but it's still true.)

Our take-home was a klezmer CD and an electric warming tray. (Our own presents to each other were books. I now own Beadle the Bard.)


A continuing Chanukah sameach to you and jonbaker!

My big Chanukah gift this year is an iPhone, which I adore. I have been researching Judaic iPhone apps; there seems to be an all-Hebrew Tanakh app, and also (bizarrely) I've found the Tur for iPhone though not much else in the way of sifrei kodesh. (Are they still "sifrei" kodesh when they're electronic? Hmm. :-)