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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I received a lovely exploration into a ficitonal universe I love:

The Greatest Potter in Emelan. It takes place in Tamora Pierce's "A Circle of Magic" series (a wonderful YA fantasy series with very strong female characters - and equally strong male ones) but you don't need to know the books to enjoy it.

(And it's rated G, too.)


Oh man, it's been YEARS since I read those books. I still have them all on my shelf.

Did you know that she has written another 6 books in that universe? (Each of the 4 characters from the Circle books working with their first students for the first 4, the 5th being what happens when they all get together years later and the 6th continuing the story of what happened for one of the students on their travels.)

There's a book past the Will of the Empress? hmm.

Melting Stones. Continuation of Briar and Evey's journey.

Are you going to continue the story? :)

No. It's complete as it is, I think.

Someone else wrote it, you understand.