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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Anyone else bored?


I'm avoiding a paper that was due a week ago. And bored. And avoiding my family. Christmas is so not my thing.

jonbaker's going to be at his class all day. There is nothing on television.

Maybe I'll just go out for a while.

So I don't keep checking my email for comments on my Yuletide stories. (Or looking for rec lists that have any of them.)

I don't do fanfic, but I'm going to read that Emelan one you posted. That takes me way back. Like, to middle school.

Also, aren't you supposed to be observing a traditional Jewish Christmas--chinese food and movies?

Ah. I read these just in the past year.

I like YA, and I like Tammy Pierce.

We don't tend to do Chinese and a movie, and it's still. You know.


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Take a nap? Bake? That's what I do on days off.

I don't read fiction as a rule (yes, I know, I'm weird) and I still love Tammy's stuff.

Nah. I'll go out. Baking is not my thing. (I can't even eat most baked goods.)

Ah, see I prefer baking to cooking. I like doing really elaborate stuff, when I get the chance.

I sorta am. I'm supposed to do something later on today but chillin' by myself in my apartment now. And there's nothing going on...

That's why I'm going out.

Also, outside my house, in the real world?

It's just Thursday. :)

I'm at work. It's the Big Day - at least 1,500 people through our doors. So no bored. You should come over.

Bit of a shlep from Brooklyn, isn't it?

I'm not surprised, though. You have kids programming, right?

I'm tempted to go see a movie - I've done that before but I don't feel like driving across town for the really good theater.

Oooppps! Wrong comment....Sorry about that!

Edited at 2008-12-25 04:00 pm (UTC)

Tons. And tons of kids. It's sorta adorable.

Not bored

At work. Not busy, but not bored.

Watching movies on the DVD player. Thus far Mamma Mia was great, Tropic Thunder was so terrible I want my money back. Narnia 2 better not be as christmas themed as the first one, even if I know it is religiously themed. And Hellboy 2 to finish it off :)

But yes. Bored now. And I want somebody who isn't me to make breakfast, which isn't going to happen, what with the dog being the only one in the house....

Prince Caspian is nowhere near as Christmas and Easter focused as the first. It's much more Arthurian/rightful king story. Plus, Reepicheep.

So very bored.

Most of my friends are away right now, so I've been pretty bored. I've been knitting, though I frogged 2 projects last night. I need to finish something so I can feel better about my knitting. I also have a paper I've been avoiding, due Jan 5th. Though right now I'm watching mythbusters, and now my housemate is home and is baking, so I've been eating the cookies she's making.

Have any good sock or mitten patterns?

Monkey socks from knitty.com is a lot of fun.

And I'm currently knitting Eunny Jang's Anemoi mittens, which are just wonderful.

Wow. Those mittens look really cool. Though I've never done color work before. (Or rather, I've never done it in knitting. I've done a lot of crochet colorwork, back when I made kippot before I injured myself last year.) This would actually be my first pair of mittens, so I think I'm going to try something simpler...

(And now I see a sock pattern of hers where the cables are differently colored...)

Too busy being sick.

The kids got presents opened and it's too late to cook breakfast, but too early for dinner.

I've got about an hour before I need to deal with putting in the turkey (Jason's family eats a lot later than mine does) and side dishes and I'm just getting started on Yuletide. So not yet, but give me a couple of hours. :)

Too many errands, and I have a reply to opposition due tomorrow.


I've got unlimited Internet access for the first time in months! I'm positively thrilled!

I'm going to *try* to finish writing "Browser Takes a Walk" today for my aunt. It turns out that it's the same protagonist as Welcome to the Workplace, which makes for all kinds of fun!

I worked last night and will work tonight so there's not much time to be bored.

So far today I read a few Yuletide stories and did some exercise (I promised myself to exercise at home even though the gym is closed) and I'm about ready to sleep.

I have SOOOO much data entry to do, and I've been avoiding it for the past three days. Why can't things just magically fly into my computer?

Hmmm, I think I'll go take a shower, make some coffee, and see if I can muster up some enthusiasm.

Don't hold your breath! ;-)

Not bored, but cranky. At some point during the night, Comcast had a weird glitch that froze the cable TV AND the internet. I spent three hours fighting to get online [5am-8am] before I finally just went and took a nap. And now it's working again...

Bored, stressed. I'm not built for these holiday periods.