Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Mood shift

I was getting a tad depressed (that it didn't start until 2PM today? WIN!) this afternoon - no comments from my recipients, boring day on TV, and a rather condescending line in a political blog that I'm not going to go into right now...

So I decided it was finally time to get dressed and go out. (I checked my email before then. Two comments on two different stories by the same person. Yay!) I walked to my favorite fast food place to get egg ton (egg drop plus wanton) soup and egg rolls. Yes, yes, cliché, but it's one of my favorite meals.

It took me a while to order, though, because while I waited for Aaron, the counter guy, to take my order, I felt a pat on my back. And there was Sharon and Wayne from my shul, and as I was hugging Sharon, in came Miriam, whose husband runs the Instant Theater group I've been going to. And just as I finally got an order in (there were things to discuss, of course), Zev from my shul also showed up - he was having lunch with Wayne and Sharon. And so - mood went from slightly down to very up. I semi-joined them, meaning I put my tray down on a table next to theirs, so we could chat or not.

And when I went shopping (Glatt Mart was *packed*), I ran into my neighbor (whose niece just had a second baby boy.) Just being out in the real world made a huge difference.

Of course, I forgot the tofu, but I mined out my freezer to find a trove of chicken thighs, so that's all right.

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