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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Chanukah continues.

I'm making pot roast for dinner. Lunch is at friends, and then I go to another friend's house to celebrate the engagement of her son. That leaves her down to one daughter, who is dating now (in the Orthodox community, dating=looking for spouse.) Then there is the synagogue Chanukah party, which will be a magician, pizza, donuts and arts and crafts. Very kid-oriented. Nevertherless, I'm on the board and we will be there. With my knitting, thank you very much. (We have become "pillars of the community." *Shakes head.*)

Sunday night, *my* family (Mom, stepfather and brother) is coming to us, and I shall finally make the required latkes, along with fish chowder. And to light the last eight lights.


I'm not at all surprised that you're pillars of your community. :-)

We had latkes with my in-laws on the fourth night, and we'll have them again on the seventh night. We might make two kinds -- the usual potato, as well as an Asian-inflected sweet potato/cabbage/sesame seed batch just to be different...

We have become "pillars of the community." *Shakes head.*

It always is startling when one notices that that happens. But there are two ways it happens. 1) You're a macher and donate a lot, or 2) You put your shoulder to the wheel, volunteer for stuff, and suddenly everyone knows your name.

Reading your journal, I'm guessing that like Morgan and me, you and Jon took option 2.