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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Chanukah is over

And I'm back to my lovely normal default.

Other news: Mom is still in the hospital. They were supposed to give her a stress test this morning, but she'd been fed breakfast, so they couldn't.

Note: she has yet to be admitted. She's in a room in a middle ground between being admitted and the ER because they're seriously out of beds. She slept in the ER last night - very badly, too. She's more comfortable now. It helps that she volunteers in this hospital, in the gift shop. EVERYONE knows her. (And it's where she met my stepfather, also a volunteer. Everyone is tickled that they got married.) She gets treated very well. They're trying to find the source of her chest pain, since her heart (Thank Gd) is fine. She'll get the test tomorrow - no breakfast, thank you very much.

I also paid my cooking school tuition.

How are you all doing?


Rotator Cuff can cause some very heart-attacky feelings in the ches, because the pec can tighten.


Michigan is fun, after taking 36 hrs for a 2 hr trip (more about that later). Family is well and I'm enjoying chatting, relaxing, snacking (oops). Brooklyn will see me again Thursday night.

Who are you?

Sounds like otherzev.

In New Hampshire having a relaxing time.

Hope your Mom feels better.

Refuah shelehma to your mother. I take it they've checked her for dehydration? That's what tends to cause my unexplained chest pains.

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Re: Totally off-topic, but...

Okay. Now I'm curious. When did Velveteen Rabbi refer to me?

"She's in a room in a middle ground between being admitted and the ER because they're seriously out of beds.".

That's so wrong. And so much like a typical plot of ER (the tv series).

I hope your mom makes a speedy recovery from whatever they diagnose her with.

Are you planning to attend Arisia or was that already off the agenda?

Arisia is very off. We're supposed to go away this weekend instead...

I am proud of myself in a small way, because I wrote a story for one of my fandoms about a Jewish character that explicitly references their faith. I feel kind of bad that it took me so long; I wonder what opportunities I've unwittingly missed. But at least I did it in this story. Here's to the next.

I'm also sick, and keeping you and your mom in my thoughts.

Where can I find this story? Or is it a Yuletide thing that has to wait for the reveal?

Oh, goodness, it's just a fixed-length ficlet, nothing much at all. But anyway.

Fire's Light. :)

Very excited about your cooking school venture. We just found out that a family member is writing a food column for the Philadelphia Jewish Voice. As someone who finds cooking intimidating, I'm very impressed by people who really understand it.

Holding good thoughts for your mom.