Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Instant project

I decided that I wanted an example (and a dry run) for my knitting class.

So I made a baby hat, for the baby staying here.

Pattern is as follows - measure or guess the circumference of the head, and add a half-inch. Or not. Cast on enough stitches to go round the head. I guessed 12", and cast on 60. Knit an odd number of rows in garter stitch. Then knit an inch in stockinette, ending on a knit row, turn, knit the next two rows. This creates a purl ridge. Repeat until you read 1/3 or so of the circumference, ending on a purl row. Bind off. Sew the side and top of the hat together to make a sort of envelope. If desired, and I DID desire, make a pair of tassels to tie at the corners.

Took me about three hours and it fit her.
Tags: knitting

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