Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Tales of the Inn I

There are a number of small children here, including a pair of four year old girls - Elana and Eden. Who will probably be friends for weekend.

They were fascinated watching me wind ginormous skeins of Bernat yarn into less ginormous balls by hand. I have my ball winder with me, but the commercial skeins were too tight.

And so, I have spent the past half hour manufacturing a tiny hat and a tiny purse for small but demanding children. And that's after being left in charge of Elana, without realizing it. *sigh*

On a cuter note, Eden's little brother, Daniel, took a look at Jonathan and his big beard and proclaimed him "Wabbi!" Daniel's father has a beard, but not so big.

There is also a cat - a large tabby cat named Winston. Why do innkeepers keep cats? Fortunately, there are few carpets, the cat stays in certain areas and the second zyrtec worked. It is also infested with these beautiful spinning wheels, which I want to learn to use. There's a walking wheel *and* an Ashford.

Tags: inn

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