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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I'm nervous

In about 20 minutes, I leave for cooking school. It is finally starting to feel like the first day of school. I haven't had this feeling since I finished college - this is almost new, plus it means something.

Drisha meant something, but there were no grades or tests and I'm nervous now.

I mean, I'm 45 years old and changing my career and my husband thinks I'm going to end up a lunch lady (which - I doubt, but.)

Wish me luck.


Good Luck!!!!

Good luck!

Good luck!

May this be the start of a wonderful new thing. :)

Yishar kochech! May it be a wonderful adventure.

Good luck!

Knock'em Dead!

Huge amounts of luck! This is so exciting, and I am looking forward to hearing about it all.

Good luck--and have fun!

Best of luck!

wishing you all sorts of luck - and hoping that it's a fun experience overall!

"Lunch lady"? Heh, that is to laugh! (Decent cooking schools don't turn out lunch ladies, except at places like Tavern on the Green and Spago.)

*envies you* Enjoy and good luck!

Break a ... spoon! :)

Good luck, Deb! And have fun.

Good luck!

Good luck although I suspect you won't need it. You had a blast with the cooking class you took recently. You love to cook, you love to experiment, and you love to learn so I'm sure you will have a blast.

May you have a great time, do well, and find yourself happily employed when you are ready.