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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I am so, so, SO tired right now. I'll get another blog post up but right now - we started cooking before lunch so I on my feet for much of the day. And this was the first time all week I went home and stayed home - I didn't need to move a car or go shopping or pick up laundry or anything. To make sure I could, I did my Shabbat shopping on my way home and it's being delivered eventually. Worth it.

The new shoes - not the steel-toed work shoes I'm waiting for, but a pair of Easy Spirit lace-ups to replace the old pair - arrived last night. The old shoes were practically worn smooth on the sole, but these have a non-skid bottom so they're acceptable in the kitchen, and non-worn shoes are just more comfortable. My feet felt better than they have the rest of the week. Even so - changing to my Crocs tonight was such a relief. I assume that by next week, I'll have the work shoes. I can't help thinking that a good, supportive pair of shoes will make a major difference. Even if they're heavy.

And I can't even sleep in tomorrow - I have a dental appointment in Manhattan at 9AM. Well, at least there's Shabbos. And I am learning a lot.

Current Mood: exhausted