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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Knives and Fire IV


Please comment. I'll try to answer them in a post on Sunday.


I'm so happy for you that you're taking this opportunity! Maybe you said and I missed it (entirely likely!) but what do you want to do? Your own rest. or catering? Head chef somewhere? SOunds exciting!

I really don't know.

Lunch chef at Abigael's. Small-scale caterer. Teacher. Writer.

Head cook in a nursing home.

A breakfast and lunch place with good coffee and soups, salads and sandwiches of the day and comfortable couches and a sit and stitch every Wednesday.

All those sound wonderful - so many possibilities! Especially the soup place. But then again, having worked in a couple, I know lots of nursing homes could really benefit from a great cook.

I always wanted a little dinner joint where you get whatever I felt like cooking that day - though some days there wouldn't be anything at all, because some days I just want a pizza.

I'm really excited for you. I second bwliadain's question of what you're planning to do with the degree once you have it.

See above.