Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Last Night's Smallville

It was tightly paced; it was tense. It had real and believable interaction between and among the two sets of fathers and sons, and the Clex moments were wonderful. It had Pete! It needed more Chloe, and the few moments of tension provided by the Lana plot were...ignorable, since Henry Small's decision to defend Jonathan was mooted rather quickly.

There were *no* meteor mutants, no meteor rocks and Clark's powers were used both well and appropriately.
It advanced the overall arc.

It was, in a word. Good.

It was very nearly great, except I think it could have used a touch more foreshadowing for Ethan. I don't mean anvils, but Ethan's guilt should not have been a complete surprise. Perhaps there were some - I'll have to rewatch. If so, then it was great.

I want to see more about theimplications of LuthorCorp now owning LexCorp - in terms of the town, of the companies and of Lex and Lionel.

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