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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I don't have time for another fandom...

Yeah, yeah. Merlin is fun. And pretty.

Darn you, astolat. (At least this one isn't incest or real people.)


Can I ask you a question about RPS/RPF?

Is it just as bad if the real people in question not only know it's out there, but are amused by it? (Obviously, I'm not talking about Rape!fic an the like. Somehow, I think the real people I have in mind would not be amused by that.)

Let me put it this way - I'd be shocked if the people used in RFF/S don't know - not these days.

There are a few actors out there I suspect *look* for it (coughDavid Duchovneycough).

I...my feelings about it are complex. At this point, I'm only really comfortable reading RPF for reality show contestants. Maybe I think they clearly have no shame anyway, or I know they're putting on a show. And people who slash themselves (or their public personae) like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart? NOT a problem. Stephen's even written his own slash (him and O'Reilly.)

But RFF has been going on for years for actors and boybands and, Gd help us, pundits and politicians. (NOT reading Obama/Emanuel. Two religious married men? No thank you.) And no one's been hurt by it, so I would guess it's okay. I haven't heard of any one suing over this, anyway.

It's mostly not my thing.

Thanks for the answer. I haven't written in fandom for a long time, but I've always been curious.

And there are definitely people who look for it. When "There" was a 'zine instead of an e-zine, John Taylor's assistant reported that he had a subscription, which she knew because she saw it sitting on his coffee table.

And naw, I know it's not most people's thing.