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Let's Dance

Last night was strange without a computer. I so wanted to jump online and start jabbering about Suspect, and all I could do was write down my thoughts. On the other hand, it meant much snuggle time with my husband, once he came home from Talmud class.

I noticed something interesting today. Starting this past Sunday, I've been "dancing" each morning- that is, I've been practicing the initial forms of pakua - head, arm, waist and leg movements plus some kicking. I'm figuring that, as I'm only going in one day a week instead of two, I should do something. I don't have all the movements memorized, or all the kicks, but something is better than nothing, and it's maybe 10-15 minutes, which is time I can certainly afford.

Some things I did expect - I can split a little wider and I was able to do a form of pushup from a squatting position instead a kneeling one, which is major.

However, as I was walking to work this morning, I noticed something else - my body feels looser, easier. I've always had very tight muscles - I'm prone to pulled muscles and strains and even cramps if I stretch or move wrong. I think my body likes the dancing.

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