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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
History and Joy

I just heard President Obama's (oh, those words) inaugural address. And it was beautiful - 20 minutes of a call to arms and a reminder of what makes us a great nation - a reminder that we ARE a great nation, and if he didn't promise kittens and rainbows, he did say what we all know - that joy comes from a job well done, something we have lost in recent years.

And every sentence was beautiful and I was crying by the end. We CAN reach our potential. We CAN. (And he mentioned non-believers and talked about putting science in its rightful place and spoke of the workers of this nation, its backbone and...sob.)

President Obama

Yes, it feels good. I'm going to type it again. President Obama.

Yes, we DID!


It was an amazing, amazing speech. What a difference, to be working towards something, rather than against it. Just an amazing day.