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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
State of the MamaDeb

The knee I skinned a month ago is finally healed - it's just some discolored skin on my knee. It's a good thing I cover my knees - both are *ugly*.

My right hand is not happy - between the new laptop, knitting and holding my chef's knife in a death grip for fine cuts, the carpals are tunneling. It is better, though. I've taken to wearing a support glove when I type and knit, and a brace when I sleep, and these are helping.

And, just to make life more fun, I had a rosecea flare up, too. This I controlled right away with some Desonide ointment, plus I finally used the Aveeno BabyExcema wash that my dermatologist recommended. It worked very well, so my face is not bothering me at all.

I did cut a finger today, but it's a left finger and while it hurts, it should be fine. It's amazing I haven't done this before. So, no problem.

I still have my temporary cap in my teeth, and will for two more weeks. Not bothering me and not a problem.

Changing my breakfast to include more protein has made a huge difference, but I seem to have more stamina for other reasons - I'm getting used to standing all day. This will change, since I finally got my steel-toe work shoes, and while they are VERY comfortable, they are heavier than my other shoes.

So, a tad battered, but overall, I'm in good shape.


Take care of yourself, okay? I'm glad you have strategies and all, but you definitely want to take care of that right hand.

I'm trying, but I have found that resting the hand only makes it stiffer and that the best exercise is actually knitting and writing and doing. It's doing better - I'm relaxing my knifegrip and that helps, too.

YOU take care of yourself. That was a nasty scare this Sunday and I'm glad you're doing better.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself.

I am. I'm paying attention to my body throughout all of this. Fortunately, Chef also understands and will send me to lunch if necessary - low blood sugar = dangerous with both knives AND fire.

I've fallen down two concrete staircases in the last few days. I managed to skin my legs through a skirt, leather boots, socks and leggings. It makes me really glad I was wearing that many layers.