Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Doctor's Appointment

My blood pressure is fine - 130/80. They took blood and urine for a full screening - I'll find out in two weeks. I'm to take my blood sugar next time I feel this way (I got a new meter to do this), and keep fruit juice on hand in case it happens again. And.

I'm not taking Glyset anymore.


He also took an EKG, and there was one - *one* abnormal heartbeat, which isn't really worrisome, especially since I was operating on a cup of coffee and nothing else (I will note - despite the physical activity and the lack of breakfast, I did not feel dizzy or *bad* until around noon. Obviously, I also didn't take my meds this morning. I was hungry, but that was it.) But. I'm diabetic. That means I could have heart problems (note blood pressure. Note also that I'm taking HRTC, a diuretic.) So he wants me to wear a monitor for 24 hours. I'll get it on Sunday morning and wear it until Monday, when I return it to the doctor's. I probably won't even be late to class.

I was NOT weighed.

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