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Just in Time

That's when I got the new computer. Because 90% of my social life is in that box. I was spending my evenings watching reality television. Seriously.

I watched American Idol (Simon is gorgeous, if mean), The Surreal Life (Corey Feldman must die. I can probably enlist his fellow C-list housemates to help) and Joe Millionaire (I feel unclean.) The scary part? I now want to watch *more*. Help me, please.

On the other hand - the new box is nice. XP allows us to be separate users, which means we can play with things as we please as regards desktop and wall paper - although I did immediately change the theme to Windows Classic and the color scheme to my preferred "Rainy Day" with the menu bars all one color and the window slightly grayed for both of us. Ialso d/l'd netscape and eventually figured out how to make *it* look familiar.

So. I have email. I have webaccess. We have Office up and running. I can get on IRC, although I'm not sure about my mIRC registration.

And we still don't have access to the old files, but that will change, too.

And I'm going to a Tupperware-like cookware party tonight. I'm scared. :)
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