Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Knives and Fire XX part 2 (Week 5)

A striped bass fillet en paupiette: one in mousse form (think gefilte fish sauce) with dill, the other in asparagus that was blanched. Both was poached in fish stock.
-Chef also took the entire striped bass and stuffed it with the mix veggies that were julienned with the mandolin. After, he covered the entire fish with kosher salt thus locking in the natural juices of the fish. You wouldn't really eat the outside of the crust because it is...after all...all salt. E was a little too fast with her fork and had a piece of the crust. Funny to see her reaction after a mouthful of kosher salt.
-Another fillet set on a cookie sheet chef coated each one in a mixture of a honey-dijon mustard glaze (lemon juice, dijon mustard, honey. The ratio of honey to mustard was 2:1). In addition to the glaze, a topping of ground up pecans, parsley, and what looked like shallots was neatly lined up on each fish fillet. Shoved that into an oven at 350 for no longer than twenty-eight minutes and you got yourself some OH-MAYZING fish.
-J put together the "Red Snapper Vera Cruz". Wasn't a fan of it, but it's in the textbook (p.612)
-The last dish was a fillet of fish double coated in flour then pan-seared. As soon as the ends started browning, one would transfer the fish to the plate and proceed with creating a nice butter sauce with the fond.

I'm missing two other dishes that I don't remember all details but I am telling you so you're able to bring it up in class.
Tags: cooking school, knives and fire

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