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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Daytime Television and Sad blogs

So. I'm home today. And I turned on my tv and there was Rachael Ray (btw - one of her big things? Cooking with extra-virgin olive oil? Which she always says as "E-V-O-O, Extra-virgin olive oil"? Don't do it. Seriously - it's not good to sauté with. It not only has a low smoke point, the flavor, which is the main reason you're using evoo instead of regular or extra-light olive oil, is destroyed by that much heat. So you're spending extra money for nothing. Use it for salad dressing, or just before serving pasta or soup, or as a dip. Not for cooking your chicken breast fillets.)

Anyway, Rachael had this guy with an adorable baby girl. And it turns out he has a blog, www.mattlogelin.com, where he talks about raising this little girl alone because her mother died 27 hours after she was born. Which doesn't happen much anymore and it's amazingly sad - she never even got a chance to hold her.

And he has a warning page because he uses strong language on occasion. And this is going to sound terrible, but he doesn't warn for the right thing.

he should have warned for something else.

something annoying.

something that makes his blog


at least, i found it difficult to read
at first.

he doesn't use capitals at all.


and he posts like

william carlos williams

without the skill or beauty.


he doesn't use capitals at all.


and he posts like

william carlos williams

without the skill or beauty.

I am rolling on the floor -- perfect perfect perfect!


When I was in my first high school, I wrote
Blank verse a lot.
                  I'd drop at sentence breaks
Just like Shakespeare in dialogue.
                                  I've grown
Up since.

Edited at 2009-02-11 05:20 pm (UTC)

OTOH it's a bit pointless to warn for something that you see at first glance before even reading anyway, whereas you could be surprised by swear words, I guess.

Nod. I just find that more annoying.

BTW, I forgot to ask in my previous comment, but your olive oil advice made me curious, because I don't really see olive oil sold here in supermarkets that isn't "extra virgin" as its grade. I mean, there are still huge price differences because some are organic, or from special kinds of olives, and different growing regions and brands and such, but the lower grades aren't widely available (I assume it might be different in mass retail for businesses, but I mean in normal retail). In the supermarkets around here the cheap ones cost about €2.80-3.30 for a 0.75l bottle so that's a bit more than three times what plain rapeseed or sunflower vegetable oil cost, but there aren't any cheaper kinds of olive oils.

In the states, one can always find extra-virgin and extra-light (I think that last is because people believe extra-light means = low fat, not just light in color and tasteless, and so will buy it.) Most stores will also sell virgin or even standard olive oil. EVOO will cost more, but nothing is inexpensive.

On the other hand, it makes sense to buy the best olive oil you can afford for salads and such, and use rapeseed (we call it canola here) or sunflower seed oil for other cooking. They have a higher smoke point and you can control the flavor.

Like e e cummings!

Except I like E. E. Cummings. It sounds like this blog would be pretty unreadable for me too.

(OK, I just wanted an excuse to use this icon because it's a quote from him.)

That icon is awesome.

I love e.e. cummings, too.

Not really. The only thing this has in common with e.e. cummings is the lack of capitals. Cummings otherwise wrote fairly structured poems. This use of short sentences is very William Carlos Williams.

then there's walter carlos williams, who wrote massive tomes of synthesized science-fiction poetry.

(or, what do you get when you cross
tad williams
walter carlos
william carlos williams
aside from a bunch of cross writers and musicians?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Rachael Ray

She's entirely self-taught and it shows. She uses sirloin for *stews*, for goodness sake! (Another waste of money - she's using it because it sounds good and it's already tender, so it cooks quickly, but it makes a tasteless stew. Tiny pieces of a tougher cut will cook as quickly, or almost, and have real flavor. So what if you have to chew a little? And it will cost far less.)

For me - well, she makes a dish and it's makeable for me and then she puts in a major ingredient that can't be changed or adjusted and it's treif. EVERY time.

She's cooking to her own taste and without real knowledge of ingredients. (To her credit, she knows this. I was watching her on an Iron Chef special, and she completely deferred to Mario Batali - no ego or anything. As opposed to Giada with Bobby Flay - but Giada has real culinary training.)

My co-worker never uses capital letters in email. I cringe every time I see her doing it. I think as a representative of our company, she should use proper grammar and punctuation in business correspondence, even if it is just email. It just looks sloppy. I've been biting my tongue about it, though.

Eek. I do NOT understand that.

i just wanted to tell you
i had a hamburger for lunch
and it was delicious
and i guess
i should have
told you
before you cooked milchigs for dinner

no, no, to be a real hackneyed WCW pastiche it should start with "this is just to say".

also, some of us only wait one hour, or three.

this THUD brought to you by the letters Caf and Lamed, and the number Twenty.

Edited at 2009-02-17 04:12 pm (UTC)