Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Daytime Television and Sad blogs

So. I'm home today. And I turned on my tv and there was Rachael Ray (btw - one of her big things? Cooking with extra-virgin olive oil? Which she always says as "E-V-O-O, Extra-virgin olive oil"? Don't do it. Seriously - it's not good to sauté with. It not only has a low smoke point, the flavor, which is the main reason you're using evoo instead of regular or extra-light olive oil, is destroyed by that much heat. So you're spending extra money for nothing. Use it for salad dressing, or just before serving pasta or soup, or as a dip. Not for cooking your chicken breast fillets.)

Anyway, Rachael had this guy with an adorable baby girl. And it turns out he has a blog,, where he talks about raising this little girl alone because her mother died 27 hours after she was born. Which doesn't happen much anymore and it's amazingly sad - she never even got a chance to hold her.

And he has a warning page because he uses strong language on occasion. And this is going to sound terrible, but he doesn't warn for the right thing.

he should have warned for something else.

something annoying.

something that makes his blog


at least, i found it difficult to read
at first.

he doesn't use capitals at all.


and he posts like

william carlos williams

without the skill or beauty.
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