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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
American Idol

It was really hard watching it tonight - yes, performance night is always the last night for someone, and the first performance night is the last for two people, in this case, we're wondering who will get to *stay* - only three or four will get to go on.

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She was. The rest were not so good, but still - it's hard to care about someone who'll be gone tomorrow.

Even if they're handsome roughnecks.

Yeah... some of those performances were painful. Oh, there were two or three good ones, but the rest of them...

It's so predictable, though. You always know that the ones who choose the big voice songs by the reeaallly famous singers fall flat, and the ones who say they're going to be the best and show the judges and America what they're about in the interviews are the ones who do terrible.

I hope tomorrow's batch does better.