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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

That was a very poorly done Montage of Death. Queen Latifah is lovely, but she's not the point - we missed who half the non-actors were.


Quite right. I like my dead montages where they just slap on my screen what's on the big screen. Even without the long shots of Latifah, there was much too much swoopy camera work. Feh.

Completely inappropriate. Swooping does not belong with the montage of death.

Totally agree. Someone isn't directing very well.

Is there any point for directing this at all? Let the faces pass by.

No, I mean directing the cameras. They should be showing the clips, not the stage. *grrr*

That was my point - point at screens. Or even, don't use cameras - broadcast directly.

GRRR indeed.

How did the housefilk go? I'm sorry we couldn't make it, but between school and synagogue activities, we have no time.

SO MUCH FAIL on that montage. I cannot BELIEVE how disrespectful it was.

Exactly. Disrespectful and wrong.

(The singing was, however, fine.)

I was fine with the concept of the singing, which was the hope that with a live singer nobody would clap until she was done. But for us at home let her do the intro and then cut to what is on the screen and that's it. I can't believe that BS swoopy thing where you could barely see the people, let alone their names. One of the things I like about the In Memorium part is that for the folks behind the scenes it helps you put a name to a legacy. For the folks who aren't Paul Newman famous you can see their name and picture and go "Oh, they did the camera work on [film]" or whatever. You appreciate them in a way you wouldn't otherwise.

Such as when the camera won't stay still to show them.

Sorry, I realize I'm preaching to the choir here but I can't get over how awful it was.

I know.

But I like the applause. Notice that Sidney Pollock got applauded anyway, as he should have.

Yeah. I mean I get how it's hard if your loved one doesn't get applauded. But... Sidney Pollack. Paul Newman. C'mon.

IMO if the applause is such a problem then they should mute the audience during that part for the TV broadcast. I know that won't stop those in the auditorium from hearing it, but they're a small percentage of the whole.

And as long as we're on Oscar bitching, I liked the concept of five former winners talking to the nominees but... clearly the speeches were not written by the same person, some were very lacking in a show of appreciation for the nominee, and frankly I like seeing clips from the movies so I have an idea of why the person was nominated.

It was a good concept, but this was the end of the broadcast and at that point, we just want to know who won. If they'd scattered the speeches throughout, the differences wouldn't have been so glaring and it wouldn't have been an overload.

I only watched the last couple of hours - we had a busy evening.

But then, I haven't seen any movies this year, so I had no basis for watching.

I agree. We needed a closeup of the big screen; my mom's eyesight isn't as good as mine, and I had to confirm that Cyd Charisse was the first one.

Also, the applause, as ever, sounded like "YAY, s/he's DEAD! WOOO!" Save it for the end, when it seems more like respect for everyone.

That's who it was!

(We have a 27" set. It was not seeable.)

No, we have a 17" set.

If they needed to have a song over the montage to go along with their "the whole night is a movie about the beauty that is movies" theme, then it should've been:
- performed by someone off-screen and off-camera
- performed without that indulgent and overly long explanation of what it was about beforehand, we all understand the montage of the dead, for pity's sake
- a song should have been chosen that was thematically appropriate and long enough to last through the montage without parts being repeated willy-nilly

Between that and the completely ridiculous sound mix during the big musical number (you cannot allow one of six performers to lipsync unless you pull the recorded voice much, much further back in the mix than they did) which rendered everyone but Beyonce irrelevant, and the fact that John Legend performed the song from Wall-E because the show producers told the songwriter (Peter Gabriel) that they, not he, were the best arbiters of his own song should be performed, the entire night was one big music fail.