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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
For those interested:

Me in cooking whites:

Photographer: theoneschampion Thank you!


You make a great-looking chef! And such lovely uniform carrot slices. :-)

Thank you. Those would be blanched, along with the parsnips (white) and sugar snap pea pods (green) in the containers in front of me, and floated in a bowl of soup.

You look happy and competent.

Thank you!

Actually, you look good! Look like you have lost some weight since the last time I saw you in person.

I *have*. It's the cooking school diet - you spend all day on your feet doing things and running around, and mostly, you taste.

That day, also - I didn't bother going for lunch because I needed to get my julienne done and I don't like leaving in the middle of a job. Also, it was Shabbos cooking day and there would be lots of food, of which I had a small plateful.

That shot makes you look like you're teaching a cooking class or doing a show. "Now, after julienning the carrots..."

I was thinking that also.

Yes, there's a "pausing to explain" air to it. Great photo!

Huh. It was actually, "Y's taking pictures. I'd better look up."


I'm actually where chef normally sits - there was a lot going on and it was where I could find to work.

You look great!

thank you.

You look like you're in your element.

You look great!

Thank you.

That brings back good memories of my mom in cooking school.

Thank you. :-)

You do not look like a dumpling. You look like an accomplished chef. :)

You look natural. Like yourself. This is a good thing.

Aw, I think you look great. Not a model but a healthy, competent woman.

You look like you're right in your element.

I echo the "You look great" posts, happy and busy. Thanks for posting the picture.