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Happy birthday, filkerdave! May you continue to make music for many years to come.

We are going to go to the family Chanukah party today. Yeah, I know - they might as well call it a Purim party, but it is what it is. The family always has a Chanukah party, but this year (if we're talking Jewish holidays, we're talking Jewish years), it couldn't be held on Chanukah - there are three families with big enough homes to host it. Family 1 was in Israel expecting new granddaughters; Family 2 is an elderly couple of snowbirds and was already in Arizona and Family 3 had not only hosted it last year but the wife, who runs the Ph.D department of a large hospital, was in the middle of grant proposals.

So, it's today with Family 1. There will, of course, be no candlelighting, and there will also be no presents for all the kids. On the other hand - *my* brother (this is [Unknown LJ tag]'s mother's side), who lives close by and is in the same age group as a lot of Jonathan's cousins, has been invited as well. And Maxine, who keeps kosher, is cooking all of the food because one of her granddaughters is allergic to peanuts.

I also have a shul board meeting AND it's expected to snow very heavily tonight. So, we're using a zipcar instead of going to our normal rental place. This way, I can return the car to its garage tonight and not worry about driving tomorrow. There was only one available. :) The inlaws are taking a train in and we'll drop them off in Manhattan on the way back. So the fact that it's a Civic means they'll only be mildly squished for less than an hour.

And I can't miss the board meeting because LAST NIGHT was the annual dinner that I nominally ran. I say nominally because I did less than I could have, even with a certain formidable woman pretty much taking over anyway. Which I was happy to let her do because culinary school took all my attention, and the other person on my committee who could have done more things remarried her exhusband right in the middle of things (they spent a year - longer than their earlier courtship and marriage combined - working things out, beginning right after the divorce.) Anyway, I was distracted and Z was distracted and T was... well.

Anyway, it all went well - the caterer was not as awful as usual, and the honorees are all well-loved and deserved the honor, and one even filled a table with her coworkers, who were all happy and excited to be there. But I'm tired. And now I have to drive to New Jersey and be social *again*. And social is exhausting.

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