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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Ganked from cereta

1. Tell me something about yourself. It can be as random as how you take your coffee, and as deep as your fondest desire. Just something about yourself you think I probably don't know.

and/or, as you desire:

2. Ask me something. Again, it can be, "so, Deb, how do you take your coffee?" to "what is your hope for the future?"

(I take my coffee straight up. Sometimes there's milk, but never sugar or sweetener. Or non-dairy creamer.)


1. My orange tree is in bloom right now and it smells amazing!

2. What is your favorite museum?

1. *Jealous*

2. Smithsonian. All of it, although Aerospace is dear to my heart.

I'm glad you say no to the evil that is non-dairy creamer, but I'm biased.

1. I don't drink coffee. Ever. On occasion, I will drink Chai, but I'm very specific about how I want it: Soy milk, Chai, and peppermint or vanilla (or both) syrup, and if I'm ordering it "out" somewhere it has to have no foam. Foam is gross.

2. Would you be willing to tell me what was both wrong and right in the House episode with the Orthodox Jews (I'm sorry, the title escapes me)? (I really hope you don't mind my curiosity; I do mean to be respectful.)

Non-dairy creamer is an unfortunately necessity until we get that cloning thing down.

That House episode was, mostly, composed of *right*. The wedding was right, the portrayal of her modesty and her husband's feelings and their beliefs were all on the ball. I do think that they'd normally wait a bit longer to get a newly-religious woman married, but she was in her thirties, so I can see why they'd want it to happen.

There should have been more people from the community around, bringing food, saying psalms with her and learning with her husband, but that's very forgivable for a tv show.

The only really egregious part was the Shabbat thing. 1. They asked their rabbi. Once the rabbi makes a ruling, you obey it. No arguments. She should have gone for the treatment.

2. Yes, that first Shabbat is special but the *point* of the idea of pekuach nefesh (you can violate anything to save a life) is that the person can then enjoy future Shabbats.

3. They pretended it was dark outside - already Friday NIGHT. Already SHABBAT. Once it's that dark, you *don't* light candles. It's too late. Candles are lit, by custom 18 minutes before sunset and an hour before full dark. I missed that deadline once and now I light an extra candle. That he made a fake kiddush (blessing the day over wine) was okay - it made sense to me. Also, although I'm not sure about this - she may have made a blessing in vain, which is a sin. However, since she didn't know this, I think she's okay.

Thank you. :)

1. I don't expect that I will be physically able to work much past the age of 40.

2. How did you meet your husband?

We met at a science fiction convention, introduced by my ex-boyfriend who'd been hoping we'd get back together at this con. Consequently, I avoided the ex as much as possible and jonbaker spent Saturday consoling him.

Hahahahaha! That is an excellent story. So how long have you been married now?

We will be married 18 years on March 10.


My first job was in a Taco Bell.

Where was your first job?

I babysat a pair of Protestant kids (strange in a neighborhood of either Jews or Italian Catholics) in the apartment house across the street. I got $2.

1. I am the only person in my family who keeps any form of kosher. (classic story: At the Three Crabs restaurant on Dungeoness Spit - where Dungeoness crabs come from - my mother had a whole cracked crab, my brother had a whole cracked crab, my stepdad had crab Louis, and I had - salmon. They thought I was nuts. *g*

2. What is your favorite children's book?

I'm the only member of my immediate family who keeps kosher, too, although one brother has given up pork and shellfish, and bread during Pesach. My younger brother is a vegan but not for religious reasons.

My favorite children's book? Voyage to the Mushroom Planet.

I have a thing for Designer handbags. My favorite designer is Maxx New York, and I love her tapestry bags.

Question: What is your favorite SF book of all time?

Oh, you *can't* ask me that question. There are so very many out there, and for so many reasons.

Memory by Lois McMaster Bujold, maybe.

Linguistic query: what is "ganked" and how does it differ from "gacked"?

"took from" and, no. No real difference.

1. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but I'm pretty sure it shouldn't begin before 11:00 am - *so* not a morning person! unfortunately, my day must start earlier, which means I drink lots of coffee (mochas from a barista - black at home/work)

2. which is your favourite season, and why?

My favorite season is fall. New York in the autumn is lovely - crisp, cool, with the leaves just turning and the sky brilliant.

1. We used to get season tickets to Six Flags (amusement park) every year when the kids were younger, and once (at band camp - no, not really) it was drizzly and everyone else went home and we rode the Texas Giant eight times in a row. (yes, I got sick. It was worth it!)

2. Do you like amusement parks and what was your favorite visit to one?

I like amusement parks, although I haven't gone in decades - the latest was when I played chaperone to my 8th graders for a class trip, twenty years ago. I think my first trip to Great Adventure in New Jersey was my favorite - we went on a flume ride for the first time and I LOVED it. I like g-forces.

I love museums dearly. (Saw them mentioned upthread.)

How long have you been knitting? (And when will it be finished, ha ha.)

I learned to knit when I was a child, and picked up needles now and then for years, but never really got anywhere.

In January 2006 (has it only really been three years? Wow!), during Arisia, I got tired of watching everyone else at cons knit. So, that Saturday night I went to fabricdragon and asked her for help. She sold me yarn, needles, stitch holders and instructions for a pair of mittens knit flat. By Tuesday, I had the pair done, and had therefore completed my first ever project.