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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I was looking through my knitting blog filter

And I saw this lovely item - it's called a Fountain Pen Shawl for obvious reasons.

And then I thought, but if I made it, I'd have to give it to roadnotes. Which, you know. Not a bad thing (even if I do love fountain pens myself.)

So. roadnotes, would you like a shawl?


That's really lovely, and for a wonder I really like the dress they paired it with.

That print really works with the motif, doesn't it?

Surely a Fountain Pen Shawl would be the tallit you wear on your bar mitzvah?

Is there a reason you couldn't make yourself one as well?

Okay, yes, I would love one -- that's an exquisite pattern -- but I can so easily envision that over your shoulders that I want you to have one.

Of course I can make one for myself - it's a very lovely pattern, and I certainly can make a second - that motif looks like a lot of fun to make. But I really want to make something for YOU - something that would give you joy and maybe find a use for.

Is there a color you would like?