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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

No one from my family is going to come to my Purim seudah. I get why - it's Tuesday, it's not a time people get off from work - I used to work, and Jonathan is working - and it's an awkward time (6PM at the latest), but I have reasons to want family there as well as the one friend we invited.


that is a bummer. :( I'm sorry.

It was supposed to be a celebration. It'll still be one. :)

I hope your Purim is extra-super fun, then, and delightfully celebratory, even without the fam. :)

Hey, I wanted to pass this along. Someone else on my f-list, karnythia, is starting a small press to publish sci-fi works with POC as main characters. She's planning on going to WorldCon this year.

That's VERY good.

I'm really excited by it. And she's getting an outpouring of support from many people.

The small press in question has an LJ presence (until their own website is built) verb_noire

I'm sorry you won't have family there! That's frustrating.

Yep. But, you know. It will be fine.

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My husband's parents will be there, so there will be family. YAY!

May the seudah be wonderful and you be too busy having fun to miss your family too much.

Yay on Jonathan's family and your friends joining you.