Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


I have a Palm Tungsten C. I love it. It's the PDA made for me. The screen is a comfortable size for reading books, and is nice and bright when I want it to be. The keyboard is responsive and the weight is good, and the touch screen, well, exists. I don't want a phone, and I don't care that I have an impossible time getting the WiFi to work. They don't make them any more. They'd rather sell smartphones with smaller screens.

This is my second one - technically, my third. I lost my first one. We bought the second off eBay - a used, refurbished one - and it didn't quite work. Wonky touch screen. We sent it back and bought one that had never BEEN used. Sat in the guy's desk for a year. And I've been happily using that one.

But things age, and the battery was not holding a charge as long as it had been, AND it was taking less time to charge fully. Time to get a new battery, thought I. So, done. Got the battery and the tool to open the unit. All seemed well until we put it back together and there is nothing on the screen. And it's been recharging all day.

These are our options: Get it repaired by a professional. Buy a used one (again) from eBay. Upgrade to a Centro or some other smartphone.

That last is the court of last resort. I don't want one.

There's a guy online who repairs PDAs and everyone thinks he's great. We're emailing him now.
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