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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
That was interesting

I just wrote a twitter(tweeted?) about needing to shop for Purim.

5 seconds later, I get a notice that a confectionary store in my neighborhood is following me. I click through - yep. Offering to sell me Purim baskets.

Purim - the magic word.


Wow, that's targeted marketing taken to the next level.

You use the tools you have, and twitter is FREE. It makes sense.

Am not following THEM. :)

You tweeted. :)

I tweeted last night about liking a certain show, and all of a sudden, the show was following me. Twitter is the easiest way for a brand to find out what people are saying about it-- a new kind of search engine. I adore it.


I could use this power for good, couldn't I?

I'm already following my favorite pundits (Rachel Maddow RULES).

That aspect of twitter really bothers me. Don't be surprised if other vendors in your area start following you.

My SIL uses twitter for marketing purposes unabashedly. She follows 1000's and some of them turn around and follow her not knowing that she is really a viral marketer.

If I don't follow them - and I pretty much intend to not follow them - I don't really care.

LOL!!! See! See! Sci Fi and Futurama were right! Commericals right to you! For you and only you!

Ah, high tech. ;-D