Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


The easiest holiday on record - two readings, a bunch of gifts of food and a nice dinner.

Oh, and costumes. I'm wearing my uniform. And why not?

So. After the reading, we'll have cheese omelets and bagels, and then we'll assembly line gift bags and do some straightening up.

Tomorrow morning after the reading, Jonathan will go to work and I'll give out bags and make dinner (lamb and beef stew, tricolor couscous, fruit cup. Salad. I forgot salad. Well, some store will be open.)

At six, my inlaws and guest will be here and we'll have the festive meal.

To those who celebrate, Freilichen Purim! For everyone else - happy Monday night and Tuesday!

And while I'm at it - kudos to the people on purimgifts! Wonderful exchange, just like last year.
Tags: purim

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