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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

My mother-in-law gave me, as an anniversary present, two pieces of family silver - covered rectangular relish dishes. They were her grandmothers, they were her mothers and now she gave them to me. (Correction - was a wedding present to her mother. Okay.)

They're beautiful pieces - things you don't see anymore. And instead of getting them in a time of sadness, I got them in a time of joy.

I cannot say how much this means to me - that she gave me this part of her family. It's amazing. It's wonderful.



Wow, that is great. What a wonderful gift.

How lovely! Enjoy them. :-)

That's so nice, both the gift, and in a time of joy.

Wow. People don't do silver things much anymore. It's so cool when family pieces are still around.

Wow! How nice to receive them now rather than in a sad time.

I hope you get to use and enjoy them for a long time.

They sound lovely. My mother had something like that, only used on Thanksgiving.

What a wonderful gift, and how excellent that she gave them to you as an anniversary present! That truly does mark her as part of her family, and a link in the chain of continuity.