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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

*Glares* at Hell's Kitchen.


I'm just watching the challenge part now. Was it the bleu cheese burger? I was SO looking forward to their being a kerfuffle because the girls didn't know not to mix meat and dairy and it didn't happen!

You'd have thought that even if the family didn't usually keep kosher they would have made a point to for a *bar mitzvah* of all things!

Let's be fair - if they wanted a kosher bar mitzvah party, they'd never have gone to Hell's Kitchen in the first place.

But kosher-*style* would have been possible - and note that the boy chose the non-cheeseburger.

In fact, kashrut and Judaism didn't enter into this ep much at all.

It was the offensive gay stereotype and the Globetrotters (I mean, SO 70s) that made it really over the top.

Terry and I were like, 'Burger? Blue cheese burger? They'll get called on the carpet for that!"

And they weren't.


Awful episode.

Um.... I don't know everything about Kosher, but - a cheeseburger for a bar mitzvah?

Yeah. It didn't fly, but not because of the cheeseburgerness. Rather, the boy didn't like bleu cheese, even if Grandma did.

I loved cheeseburgers, too, but not for this.

Grandma seemed to like everything. I was starting to think they hadn't fed her in a day or two...

And what was up with the party-planner guy? Seriously....

I, too, croggled when the red team went with a cheeseburger and nobody mentioned the word TRAYF out loud, not even the Jewish chef on the blue team, although he was probably laughing his ass off internally figuring they had it won by that time. The Globetrotters I could deal with since the party was basketball-themed. But Cheese, man, what kind of party arranger can't handle a cake without dropping it?

that was so, so, so staged. The dropping. Almost painfully obviously staged.

I can't even watch that show. Talent is no reason to be horribly rude.

No, it's not.

And while he's by no means a model of politeness in the real world, from what I've gathered, his behavior on the show is exaggerated on purpose. For ratings - and not necessarily his idea because he doesn't act that way in his BBC shows.