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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Saw a large part of it - will watch the streaming video because I didn't record the first half hour.

But what's really amusing me? How many people are reading the books of Samuel, or intend to do so - and NOT for religious reasons. In fact, for just about the opposite.

(I didn't post my purim torah this year, and now the moment is past. I'll try to remember next Purim.)


I missed the opening 5 min. but I like what I see so far. Then I watched "Brothers & Sisters", which is essentially the political adventures of a different kingdom.

I've got it downloading... figured it was worth a look...

I recorded it but haven't seen it yet. But the books of Samuel can't help but making riveting TV. If it were me, when we get to Bathsheba I would cast the tannaim as right wing radio hosts justifying everything David did. That's probably too much to hope for.

Batya and I kept comparing the original to the new. Some of the innovations were intriguing, a few (such as where they are going with Jonathan, er, I mean Jack) are a little worrisome but not too much so.

Well, jonbaker had an interesting reaction to that (having grown up with the name Jonathan in a yeshiva) - "See? He *is* the biblical [gay guy]!"

Oh my god, did you catch the moment of COMPLETE AND TOTAL INVERSION OF THE ORIGINAL STORY?

Haven't had a chance to watch the whole thing.

What was it?

David basically strides out in front of the Gath army and challenges any one of them to come down and deal peace with him.

I just. *brain explodes*

Oh drat -- I completely forgot about it!