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I had an especially fun and different Shabbat this past week.

It's not often we have an overnight guest - our "guest room" is a futon in the living room, which means I have to put a timer on the lamp (we usually just leave it on) and, of course, the dining room and kitchen lights had to be on. Also, the futon tends to hold a detritus of books, coats and papers.

But we did this time - I'd invited dungeonwriter to come over. We also invited three other people - a couple and a single man (no, no matchmaking. D has a girlfriend, but he tends to come with the couple as a sort of unit, plus he's a 2nd year law student and dungeonwriter is going to law school next year. And he's fun.) It turns out that DW went to elementary school and college with the wife (here, I have a quandary. Both husband and wife have names that start with R. I'll call her P and him N for their last names.) This came out during dinner on Friday, and was just cool.

First, I had to go into cooking overdrive (which also meant a fair bit of freezer and cupboard cleanout - pesach is coming, after all.) So. Dinner was turkey soup (turkey legs plus every bit of bone-in chicken I could recognize AS chicken in my freezer) with noodles and julienne of vegetables, baked chicken and the potato kugel my neighbors across the street give out for Purim (we get it frozen and it's very good.) I still have soup left.

Lunch? Lunch was salsa gefilte fish (frozen fish log covered with jarred salsa and baked), turkey salad (from the soup and served in the silver trays), tarragon chicken breast fillets, marinated asparagus and cholent (in which I used all the beans and barley I had in my cupboard) with cake left over from Purim for dessert. And it was a LOT of fun. The two young women had a blast catching up, D was as snarky as ever, and N as patient. Poor DW found herself in a nest of rabid Liberal Democrats who supported public schools (three of us products of public education) and paying taxes and Obama. She held her own, though.

Lunch lasted, in fact, until nearly 5PM, it was so much fun. It only broke up because people had to go places. For example, DW and I went to my Shabbos afternoon women's parshah class. Where she realized that she'd been to school with the children of several of the ladies (Flatbush Yeshiva for the win.) It was very cute. She also held her own there, which surprised me not at all.

This took us to the end of Shabbat, when we had to let her go home. But I suspect she'll be back.
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