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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Follow up to Poll Post

In regards to my poll here:

I need to do a couple of graphs, but I'm seeing two different correlations. I suspected one - it's a strong, but not universal, Jewish custom to have n+1 candles on a birthday cake. This makes sense because there are similar customs. Example - people will choose a psalm to say themselves or for another person using that system - my psalm this year would be Psalm 46.

The other was just interesting - I'm noting a strong correlation for the Northeast, even for people who are NOT Jewish.

These need graphing.


The area I grew up in had a strong Jewish influence, that may have been part of it for my family.

I polled as "n+1". Even though I'm not sure we actually *did* it, it was always at least mentioned if we didn't, so the tradition was at least give lip service.

i didn't see the poll, but i never heard of this with birthday candles. birthday *punches* on the other hand, always included "and one for good luck".

OT about my LJ post

i pposted a query to modest style... but i wanted your opinion...
i have this sort of rambly post about clothes.. and since you have seen me IRL and have some idea of my build (tall, with broad shoulders) PLUS you are not going to steer me to clothes that are not modest...
can you pls give me your opinion on the clothes i posted links to... i mean for what i need them for.

its ok if the opinion is "not on a bet" i just need some non cold med fact checking...

Re: OT about my LJ post

I'll answer on your lj. I think I understand what you need.