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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I got my apprenticeship! More details to follow, but I'm tremendously relieved.


Mazel Tov!!

And I was just talking about you today, because my mom got food poisoned at a local restaurant last night. Crab cakes = why MamaDeb is glad she'll be cooking kosher.

I'm actually wondering if I should call my parents' local health dept. on that restaurant, because when Mom asked the server why the capaccino tasted kind of funny (almost like it was made with artificial creamer), the server blithely said, "Oh, I don't think they clean out the pot every time." @.@

It depends on the restaurant (if kashrut weren't an issue.)- do the crabcakes move? Or are they one item on a large menu? Also, I'd be more likely to blame uncooked or cold food than something served hot. Someone handles food to be cooked with less than healthy hands, the cooking generally takes care of it, unlike with salads.

On the other hand, I'm assuming you're not going to eat there again - so, yes. Call the health department. That's a violation.