Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


I finally saw the whole thing consecutively yesterday.

Things I liked:

Much, much pretty.
Jack's canonical orientation.
The butterfly motif.
The piano.
The lack of any overt Christian imagery or references.
The pretty.
The queen.
The KJV style of the press releases.
How David conquered the Goliath.

Things I don't mind:
Jesse being female.
The reordering of the story for dramatic reasons.
The changing of the story for dramatic reasons.

Things that bug slightly:
Why Silas and not Saul?
The Hero being the only blond. (It's a trope I really hate - good guys always seem to be blonds in an otherwise dark cast.)
The dejudaizing of the whole thing. I get it; I don't have to like it.

Thing that made me go "HUH?"
Liszt - it's an alternate universe. It has countries named Gilboa and Gath and Oesterria (or however it's spelled.) That they speak English is something I'm glossing over - I'm figuring magical TV translating. But that our universe and their universe share a composer just doesn't work for me.
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