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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Please to not be using the symbol of my religion as a torture rack, okay? Or calling it a devil's trap. Not on. Just. Not on. (I'm about 15 minutes in to my recording, so I have no idea what's going on next.)


Can you actually torture someone with a Magen David? Why not go traditional with a wheel!

I think that's how they're doing it.

Yeah, that was a bit disconcerting. Even though I know that the six-pointed star is an Enochian symbol as well as a Jewish one, my first reaction was along the lines of OH NO YOU DIDN'T!

Yes, and in terms of Judaism, it's HERALDRY. I know this.

But a six-pointed star composed of two interlocking triangles has meant "Judaism" for about 500 years.

And has never been a torture rack in any religion.

I agree with you 100%.

I agree with you on the misuse of religious symbols as torture racks, but the devil's trap is actually on the floor (done in chalk, apparently, as part of it washes away).

Ah, okay. I stopped watching in the middle to have dinner and never got back to it. After I get back this weekend, I guess.

If I can stand it - that use of the mogen david was sickening to me.

And I admit, I keep reading reviews to see if anyone else was bothered - and I don't understand why most people AREN'T.

Edited at 2009-03-20 03:26 pm (UTC)

I confess I wasn't bothered, but then my religious background is Catholic, and frankly the most religious symbol we have IS a torture device. I spent all my childhood church-goings looking up at a large-scale figure of Jesus hanging from the cross. Add to that, I don't consider myself a religious person. So I can say I noticed but it didn't really register.


My first reaction is to come up with a string of sarcastic remarks about what the people responsible for that design would say if they were accused of insensitivity, but what's the point? You can think them up just as well as I can.

So I'll just say ... feh.

I was going kind of "hurk!" about that too, but -- there's precedent for the Star of David, like the Seal of Solomon, being used as a protective thing against demons.