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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Going to Lunacon

This is very weird. This is the first general sf con we've attended since Balticon last Memorial Day, and the last convention of any sort since Contata that June. And while that certainly counts, I spent most of it running the con suite.

We haven't been bereft of fannish activities, of course. Not only do we have things online, but we've been to housefilks and the Ferry Boat ride and other fannish things. Still.

I think we're in real need of this. It's been too long. On the other hand, it doesn't seem real.


What is fliking?


<pompous voice>The folk music of the science fiction community.</pompous voice>

Songs with sf or fantasy themes, or themes important to science fiction fans (fandom, tv shows, politics, cats. Most definitely cats.) Often parodies of well-known mainstream songs, or of popular folk songs. Increasingly, to original music, which is then "filked" in turn - in filk circles, this is a compliment. These can be performed in concert, but the classic way is in a conference room late at night while sitting in an approximate circle.

That sounds like fun! I remember once hearing some truly horrid fansongs of the Mercedes Lackey books, I think.

She wrote some of them!

Yes, but the singers performing were awful.

Um. That was her. And Leslie Fish, whom we forgive for her voice because she's brilliant. Also, it's better in person.

Also, her husband is artist guest of honor at Lunacon, so she's there as "special guest."

Maybe I'll run into her.

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*sits with feet in mouth*

She is brilliant, though.

Yes, and no.

I got very tired of the pretty white horses, but I'm enjoying her current two current retold fairy tale series - the romance novels which don't read like romance novels, and the Victorian/Edwardian Masters.

I think it's because she's decided to let her characters resist the will-to-stupid - their good choices drive the plot, and any bad choices come from ignorance, not idiocy. Refreshing.

I haven't read her new series. I was big on the pretty white horses in high school. Couldn't decide if I wanted a McCaffery dragon or a Companion.

Everyone goes through a Valdemar phase. I think Vanyel has gotten more girls into slash than anything else. I just did a major reread myself.

She's not the best writer around, but she's very, very readable.

Oh Vanyel. *sighs* Be still, my heart. I should reread those, I have them at home.

I've liked the Elizabethian and the phoenix series

I really like the Elemental Masters books too. They're great fluff! Maybe I should check out the other fairy tale series, then.
See you at the con!

Have a great time! I can't make it. Don't have the money this year.

Yeah, that's why we went back to Lunacon instead of Arisia as our winter con. Arisia means going Thursday and returning Monday, with concomitant extra hotel stay. Lunacon is only 2 days, so even with car rental it was much cheaper.

Anyway, it was a better Lunacon than we've been to in a long time. Things ran smoothly, there was a good variety of programming, the filking was pretty good, the consuite was friendly, etc.

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