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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I interviewed for my apprenticeship today (more of a meeting than an interview, since the apprenticeship has been arranged.) He seems to be a good guy, and the kitchen is beautiful.

I'm starting the Friday after Pesach.

(Okay - more details. I'm to work three mornings and an evening. It's a kosher dairy café in Tribeca with a not very good hecksher. But it *is* dairy, which is less problematic, and the food just sounds delicious - and I'll learn how to make it. He liked that I wasn't a "punk teenager." I asked him what I was going to do, and he said, "Everything." COOL. Because that's what I'm there for. Also, he's friends with my teacher from school. That helps a lot.)

Also. I got my PDA back, working VERY nicely. YAY!


I will definitely have to stop by, since I'll be in Tribeca a lot with my nephew and niece. Perhaps the three of us will stop by after Pesach and let their poor mommy sleep?

You probably won't see me - the kitchen isn't attached.

More to the point, I doubt your sister-in-law would allow it. It's not shomer shabbat and there is no mashgiah temidi.

I chose to work there (I had a choice) because I'll learn more.

Awww, too bad, we'd have loved to visit.

I'll just have to visit you some other time, nearly done with that book and I have so many more to trade for!

Good luck; I hope it goes really well.

Huzzah, twice over!

I'm glad the meeting/interview went well!

Well, since it's in Tribeca, I bet fringefan and I could drop in at least once after you start...I hope this guy is aware of how much new business (both kosher and non) you could bring in from the fen you know...

If only it had a decent hecksher...(and I wasn't hidden away in the prep kitchen 16 floor up.)

Or was even closed on Shabbat.

How bad is the hecksher? And how is that going to influence you? I mean I assume you're sticking with solid kashrut.

They're not shomer shabbat, and there isn't a permanent mashgiach. The foods are all dairy and the products, other than the cheese, are all heckshered. The cheese are all vegetable rennet, but not heckshered.

It's the best place for me to learn to cook in a real restaurant. I'm there to learn.

Stupid question - are you willing to taste something made with cheese since it's not heckshered? And I assume the owner is okay with you not working Shabbes?

I'm willing to taste it. I'm not willing to serve it to anyone in my house.

The chef is fine with that - I'm so far only working WThF and an evening.

Fridays this time of year aren't a problem.

True that among the observant the hecksher can make a difference, but your network of friends may open a whole new customer base to him, and I hope that once it starts happening he recognizes that as a very valid contribution to his business.

I don't want to work there beyond my apprenticeship.

Understood. But it would still be nice to have one's non-direct contributions recognized. BTW, how long is the apprenticeship for?



Good luck!

Yay on the apprenticeship & getting your PDA back.

awesome! I'm so happy for you :)

Glad the interview worked out. I hope this ends up being a good learning experience for you.

Sounds like fun! I presume that non-Jews staff it on Shabbat? That's what a bakery in my parents' neighborhood did, till they started losing customers, then they did a full remodel and went shomer Shabbat.

Given that they asked if I could work Friday night, I wouldn't make any presumptions at all.

They're kosher because they're attached to a YM-YWHA, but they're looking for the club crowd.