Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


What I need and cannot find are chef's skirts.

There are chef's pants. These are, traditionally, loosefitting drawstring pants with pockets, made of a black and white houndstooth material, usually called "checks". The idea is that checks don't show food stains so readily. Of course, these days, these pants can be made of a large assortment of patterns, but checks are still common. Excecutive chefs show their rank by, among other things, wearing *black* pants.

What I want is something along those lines except in a skirt. And they don't make those. I'm pretty sure there isn't much of a market for them. Now, if I work in a restaurant that requires that I wear pants, I'll wear pants - if I can do that for martial arts classes, I can do that in a kitchen, especially since I'll also be wearing an apron. But given a choice, I'd rather not - and I'm not required to do so in my current assignment. I'll probably wear older gray skirts under my school whites (I am required to wear whites, but I have those.)

So. Let's say I do get a permanent job someplace, and in that place, I can wear skirts but they prefer checks. I know there are seamstresses on my flist. Could I commission someone to make me chef's skirts? (This is for future reference, not for current need.)
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