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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Cool chick

I am a "cool chick". My 39 year old, overweight, matronly self was proclaimed so this afternoon, as I was sitting in a Chock Full 'O Nuts, by a very young man with many piercings. He and his friends were reading a local magazine, all about the Jewish origins of many superheroes, and they hit upon a term that confused them - "Silver Age." Up until that point, I was minding my own business, content with smiling to myself.

But here I had to step in and define the term, and along with it "Golden Age" and "Modern Age" and why they used a metal in the name at all (seriously!). And this young man walks over, proclaims me a "cool chick" and starts to talk.

I'm guessing he doesn't know a lot of female comics fans, let alone one my age. It's rather sad. But it's also cool to be called "cool."

And, as an extra thing, as I left the coffee shop, a friend from my synagogue walked in and we chatted, and then as I passed a supermarket, another friend from my Shabbat discussion group saw me and we walked, and it's amazing to me to have these flesh and blood connections.

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There is a special reason why metals are used in the names? I mean I always just assumed that they used "Golden Age" because it is also used in SF, and it's common in nostalgia to call something "Golden Age" when looking back anyway. And I thought "Silver Age" etc. were a natural progression from that.

That was basically it. It's not just SF terminology, either. "The Golden Age" has been used for other historical periods when things were good for any specific group, like Musliim Spain.

But these kids didn't know that at all.

How odd. I mean that anybody wouldn't be familiar with "Golden Age" as a term in the common sense. It's so widely used, and has been for so long too, at least since the old Greeks mythical or real periods have been called that.

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Well, yeah

What Vassilissa said!