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Cool chick

I am a "cool chick". My 39 year old, overweight, matronly self was proclaimed so this afternoon, as I was sitting in a Chock Full 'O Nuts, by a very young man with many piercings. He and his friends were reading a local magazine, all about the Jewish origins of many superheroes, and they hit upon a term that confused them - "Silver Age." Up until that point, I was minding my own business, content with smiling to myself.

But here I had to step in and define the term, and along with it "Golden Age" and "Modern Age" and why they used a metal in the name at all (seriously!). And this young man walks over, proclaims me a "cool chick" and starts to talk.

I'm guessing he doesn't know a lot of female comics fans, let alone one my age. It's rather sad. But it's also cool to be called "cool."

And, as an extra thing, as I left the coffee shop, a friend from my synagogue walked in and we chatted, and then as I passed a supermarket, another friend from my Shabbat discussion group saw me and we walked, and it's amazing to me to have these flesh and blood connections.

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